We want to make the shopping more enjoyable.Be ready for a quite different shopping experience. Because catchman is here for you.
He will shock you with large discounts and suprises gifts while you are shopping from your favourite brands. You have to hurry up becuase the countdown has just started!


Luck? We do not belive in luck. It is about how fast you can be. Download catchman to your mobile for free and he will offer great discounts from your favourite brands to you. View your notification, see the location of the shop and let the countdown begin. Show the barcode when you arrive to the shop and catch the discount. Don’t forget: the faster you go the bigger discount you get! Keep watching the catchman, he will also have hidden surprise gifts in the mall.


When a Catchman user is close-by to a shop, a notification about a huge discount is sent to user’s mobile via the app. Until the user reaches the shop, the discount rate on the screen decreases with every second of the countdown. When the barcode at the shop is scanned, the discount rate is fixed.

Also, depending on how much time is spent at the mall by the user, Catchman delivers gifts, provided by the shopping malls, to the user as part of the game.



- Increases market shares in ever-increasing competitive conditions.
- Invents budget-friendly marketing channels.
- Easily reaches the customer and establishes customer loyalty.
- Raises the success rate of campaigns.
- Creates organic marketing.
- For the shopping malls; increases the number of visitors, and the frequency and duration of visits.

Don’t you think shopping has got to change?

At a time when shopping became monotonous, the plausibility of the discounts are questioned and advertisements are not effective enough, we set off the meet the need for something new. To offer you an enjoyable shopping experience with more realistic and effective discounts, we created Catchman. Join this game, let both you and other customers win!